New Demonic Sweaters Track – John Carpenter

This is a new song I created with only the Yamaha FB-01 in 8 part multi-timbral mode and then played lived drums to it. No FX were used on the FB-01. I seqenced the MIDI using the program, Seq24 for linux, then recorded the drums in Harrison Mixbus 4.
Drums used were a 1966 Slingerland Blue Sparkle kit, with an 80s metal Pearl Export 6.5×14 snare drum. Mics used.
Kick – CAD KBM412
Snare – PDMIC78
Overheads –

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Demonic Sweaters – Visitors (new album)

An adventurous romp though new age enlightenment and extra-terrestrial soundscapes.

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Lezrod – Genki Vol. 1

This is a great album that I discovered way 10 years ago already when the Netlabel scene was in it’s prime. Two of my favorite netlabels were Test Tube, and Zymogen. Lezrod released this one on Zymogen, and it still really holds up today as well as it did in 2007.

This is a very experimental release firmly nested in ambient. I came across it again today on when looking for some other material to play on DS Radio. Speaking of DS Radio, we’re now listed in the icecast directory, as well as on tunein radio.

Demonic Sweaters Radio on Tunein

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Demonic Sweaters Radio is now on air!

Demonic Sweaters is now hosting an Icecast server that is playing a ton of Anthill Recordings music, as well as podcasts, and other interesting material. Need something to put on in the background at work? Check it out!

Here’s the links:
Demonic Sweaters Radio

Winamp, iTunes
Windows Media Player
Real Player
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Check out Demonic Sweaters’ Latest Album, Polybius!

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The Manasota Project Episode 1

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Pre-Order Manasota S/T on 180g Vinyl


The newest solo project by drummer / multi-instrumentalist, Justin Wierbonski “Manasota” is coming to 180g Vinyl April of 2016. This brand new self-titled instrumental release combines elements of 1970s Krautrock, Clube da Esquina era Brazilian rock, Early ECM sound, and 90s post rock, clean yet natural sounding¬†album that is inspirational, contemplative, mysterious, as well as maturely arranged and produced.

This release is 10 brand new songs that are performed entirely on acoustic drums, acoustic guitar, electric bass, Brazilian hand percussion, exotic stringed instruments, and digital synthesizers.

You can hear two preview songs as well as pre-order the LP here. 

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