Emorej – Listen!

Sometime in 2009 or 2010 I downloaded this album from somewhere but can’t remember how and where I got it originally. It kept coming on my random playlist while listening to music on my computer and every time it did, I was like “wow, who is this? it’s really cool” so today I did some binging and found his bandcamp page. Turns out he’s from the Philippines and has a ton of music on his bandcamp! However it looks like his most recent release is from 2011.

I’m currently trying to make contact with him though to see what’s up and if he has any interest in releasing some new music. Until then, I highly recommend “Listen!” It reminds me of what could have happened if Air collaborated with Brian Eno for an LP. Really great stuff, especially the songs “Sorrow” and “Touch The Sky”.

Show this talented musician some support!

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