Dear loyal Anthill Recordings fans, friends, supporters and so on…. I really need some help updating this part of my “empire”, as in the part. Ya see, there’s two parts to Anthill Recordings, the Bandcamp page, and this page which is run on WordPress. The difference is the bandcamp site is mostly stuff that I am personally involved with in one way or another, where as this site is the stuff I’m involved with, but also all kinds of music I find by friends, or just that I like and want to redistribute through

So what would you do? Well the first task would be to compare this site with the bandcamp page and anything that is missing from here that is on the bandcamp page would need to be posted, it’s only a couple of things. There’s no uploading tracks done on this site, it’s only using a blog format that I have put together to post things in a gallery or “discography” style. The links themselves just point back to bandcamp.

After you get done with that, here’s the fun part. You get to find artists to be hosted here! Use your friends, find cool work on bandcamp, soundcloud, or, anywhere you like, as long as it fits the left-of-center style of You will write up descriptions of the releases then create the post. I’ll give you a login and show you how to do the posts. They’re super easy and only take a couple of minutes. I will say that even though you are selecting the music to post, I will still reserve the right to reject a release if I don’t think it fits or just don’t like it. I’ve had several people in the past say they would help out, but then they didn’t come through 😦 Will you come to the aid of this helpless little old website?

Sound good?? This pays nothing, it’s done out of love ❤ Email me


Happy New Year! I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I’ve updated here, and I really really apologize. If you’ve been following my facebook pages and such, undoubtedly you’ve seen me start up yet another micro-label called Lick Records. I foolishly believed I could run two labels, play in a band, have two different solo projects, work full time as well as attend to all of my social and personal responsibilities. No dice JR, no dice.

Anyway, I’ve had some time to think about things, I’m no longer in the band I was in, and Demonic Sweaters shows have chilled out, well actually stopped. This was my choice actually since I played pretty much non-stop all of 2013 and 2014, I needed a break. I’ve been focusing mainly on my youtube channel of late, as well as keeping some releases going on Lick Records, but this has left me no time for my beloved Anthill.

I am only one guy, I can’t do all this stuff, it’s just impossible. I’d love to, but I just can’t. Soooooo, here’s the plan. Lick Records is going to be phased out, or rather merged into Anthill Recordings. I’ll be reposting all the original Lick releases here on the hill, and all new releases will be directly released here.  I never meant to loose focus on ‘the hill’ but it just happened. With my new plan in place I’ll only be focusing on one solo project at a time, my Youtube channel and Anthill Recordings. I’m am also going to try to integrate all three as much as possible.

Anyway, look forward to some new posts here really soon! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to bookmark, subscribe, follow, all that good stuff. Oh BTW, you can now conveniently reach this page by going to

Justin 1/7/2015


Great news today as there’s been a lot going on here at Anthill headquarters. Firstly, the cassette comp, Anthill Vol. 1 has officially been released!! So go check it out, buy a cassette or download the digi version.

Second, a new Demonic Sweaters has been posted and it’s the 7th full length release of the year by DS, it’s been a highly prolific year, so be sure to give that one a spin.

Lastly, I am proud to announce the addition of Armisticio from Santiago, Chile to the Anthill Recordings artist family. Early next year he will be releasing an expanded full length version of Este Invierno EP on cassette right here on Anthill Recordings.

We’ve been getting a lot of hits lately, thanks largely to all the great performers here, so I’d like to thank all of the artists appearing on Anthill Vol. 1. I could not be happier with how it came out!

Justin 11/27/13


Welcome to the new Anthill Recordings site! This is an exciting new page for us and hope you stay here a while and download or buy a lot of music. You’ll notice more downloads than before, new artists, a better layout, easier to navigate pages, and in the near future more physical releases such as CDs and Cassettes! We already have the first Anthill Recordings cassette comp in the works! If you’re interested in being on the comp, please send me a message to justinrobertorama AT gmail dot com along with an mp3 of the song you wish to consider for the comp.

In the next few weeks you’ll notice more digital downloads appearing, as well as a back catalog of CDs for certain releases. Please bookmark this page and come back often!

Justin 9/7/13