Oh Halo / The Children of Mu – Split 7″

This limited edition double-A-side 7″ (to date only 300 have been pressed) features “Dream Lucy” from Oh Halo and “Solarized” from the Children of Mu, and is released under the project title “The Pulse of Winter.” NOTE: no digital download available for “The Pulse of Winter” – this is physical media merch. only Oh Halo: “Dream Lucy” Words and music by: Ronan Conroy Performed by: Oh Halo Ronan Conroy (guitars and vocals), Chealsea Conroy (drums), Julie Dicterow (piano and vocals), Marcy Hokama (synth), Joe Geni (bass guitar), Produced by: Super Buddha Recorded at: Super Buddha Studios, Brooklyn, New York, September 2011 Performed in memory of Anthony James Conroy, 1984 – 2011 The Children of Mu: “Solarized” Drums – Justin Wierbonski, Bass – Adam Deimling, Saxophone / Electronics – Jeremy Powell, Guitar / Electronics – Rex Shepherd, Modular Synth / iPad – K Paul Boyev, Zanzithophone / Electronics – James Bess, Recorded and mixd by Justin Wierbonski 5/2011 at the Anthill III in Saint Petersburg, FL

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fulkramick – Pathmark

Fulkramick blends acoustic instrumentation, textured sonic experimentation, creative and skillful drumming with post rock electro grooves. On “Pathmark” fulkramick has produced a very hard to classify album, which is one of the things that makes me like it so much. When one says “Experimental” music, this is really the exact type of thing I think of. Boundaries are pushed in all directions but in such a way that is never overly abrasive or disturbingly dissonant. Fans of Gastr Del Sol, Talk Talk, and Tortoise will definitely enjoy this. Also available on cassette

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Those Damn Bloodsuckers – The Black Lodge E.P.

Twin Peaks is one of my favorite shows of all time, and I am very excited that it’ll finally be making a return in 2017. Then just recently I got an email from an artist that goes by the name of “Those Damn Bloodsuckers”. I went to check out his music (all of which is quite cool dark ambient) but immediately I was drawn to The Black Lodge E.P. TDBS combines dark ambient soundscapes with various soundbites from the original show to create a very nice tribute in audio form. If you are an ambient fan or a TP fan you will undoubtedly enjoy this E.P.

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Enderhall – Demo (20th Anniversary Remaster)

In the early 1990s the pioneering post hardcore band Lincoln emerged from the small town of Morgantown, WV. We played many shows all over the east coast and released a splt 7″ with Hoover and two 7″s of our own. We went on a 30 day tour in 1993 then broke up. Two years later in 1995 we reformed under the name Enderhall and recorded an 8 song demo on 4 track cassette in my Dad’s basement. We used old office cubicle partitions to separate the instruments. Drums and bass were shared on 1 track, guitars on 2 and 3 and vocals on 4. Enderhall was the weirder, jankier, and honestly cooler version of Lincoln. It has now been 20 years since these demos were recorded and brought about a full digital remaster. Jay Demko – Guitar & Vocals, Justin Wierbonski – Drums & Backing Vocals, John Herod – Guitar, Dan Ball – Bass

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Discplastic – 1995 Demo

4 track demo from Morgantown, WV band Discplastic. Recorded in John’s mom’s basement to four track in Westover, WV in the year 1995. Lofi 90s indie to the max. Justin Wierbonski – Bass, Guitar and Vocals, John Jaquiss – Guitar & Vocals, Shane Vanderford – Drums

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Panaphonix – The VHS Chronicles

The VHS Chronicles takes you down memory lane to a past of another dimension. One part Trap, one part Experimental and 2 parts Vaporwave, these warped samples in plunderphonic happiness twist and turn their way through the slow and sardonic, and the peppy and preposterous.

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Lover – Everything (Complete Anthology)

Lover was a band from the years 2000 to early 2002 from Morgantown WV started by myself and Jim Demko and we recorded the first demo in my Dad’s basement on 4 track with me on drums, guitar and vocals and Jim on bass and he wrote much of the lyrics. Later recruited Kim Monday (who was my boss at the time at the local musical equipment repair shop) on drums. Kim played drums on all of the first album and about half of the second album, as well as keyboards, backing vocals, and piano. He played many shows with us until the time of the last 4 songs Jim and I recorded when Rafe Godfrey took over drumming duties live. By that time Jim and I were splitting lead vocals 50/50 as well. This is the complete collection of everything Lover recorded in reverse chronological order starting with the unreleased 4 songs, then the album Revol, followed by Under Nude Management followed by the Demo. Remastering all these tracks has really been a trip down memory lane and I’m really amazed how well this music has held up some 15 years later! Please download, share, and enjoy! -Justin

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