Oh Halo / The Children of Mu – Split 7″

This limited edition double-A-side 7″ (to date only 300 have been pressed) features “Dream Lucy” from Oh Halo and “Solarized” from the Children of Mu, and is released under the project title “The Pulse of Winter.” NOTE: no digital download available for “The Pulse of Winter” – this is physical media merch. only Oh Halo: “Dream Lucy” Words and music by: Ronan Conroy Performed by: Oh Halo Ronan Conroy (guitars and vocals), Chealsea Conroy (drums), Julie Dicterow (piano and vocals), Marcy Hokama (synth), Joe Geni (bass guitar), Produced by: Super Buddha Recorded at: Super Buddha Studios, Brooklyn, New York, September 2011 Performed in memory of Anthony James Conroy, 1984 – 2011 The Children of Mu: “Solarized” Drums – Justin Wierbonski, Bass – Adam Deimling, Saxophone / Electronics – Jeremy Powell, Guitar / Electronics – Rex Shepherd, Modular Synth / iPad – K Paul Boyev, Zanzithophone / Electronics – James Bess, Recorded and mixd by Justin Wierbonski 5/2011 at the Anthill III in Saint Petersburg, FL

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