Radio Shock – Adapter (Cassette)

Today we present you with “Adapter” a cassette release by Brooklyn Based solo weirdtech lofi sound bender, Radio Shock. This is definitely a cool and fun listen and the cassette version comes on authentic 1980s art deco style Maxell cassettes that I remembered using as a child. When I asked him where he found all of the blank tapes, he said he had been collecting them for some time off second hand sources like ebay until he acquired around 100 or so of them to do a release. Radio shock uses a hodgepodge of cheap keyboards, ipods, robot voice toys, guitar and fx all wired up in a giant suitcase that he lugs around on the subway to gigs. This is great stuff so check it out! “This mixtape album is a compilation of various recordings over several years which didn’t fit anywhere else. Almost no vocals, very little guitar, lots of oddball experiments, some brand new and some very old stuff. It’s recommended that you listen to this album on headphones while walking outside, or in a car on a road trip.”

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